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I've had the "What's it all about, Alfi?" syndrome since I can remember - which in my case led to looking at dreams, symbols, and almost anything to do with things not immediately visible.

Which also led me to books, and I've been a devotee since I ate my first one as a baby. I don't eat them anymore but do chew on them and devour their nutrition every chance I get - whether I digest them properly or not is another story.

Way, way back I got pulled kicking and screaming into teaching classes and leading workshops, groups, and seminars through various organizations, including community colleges, libraries, and other municipal programs. Also been a frequent guest on talk radio in the US, Canada, and Australia. Fascinating, talking to that many people over time. Highly recommend it.

So by now I have two print books, five e-books (more on the drawing board), publish two weekly blogs (dreams, minerals), and wonder why my poor little brain whimpers for mercy. Just keeping up with all this techie stuff is enough to keep the right and left hemispheres scrambled.

But back when all this started, I dug in my heels, crossed my arms, and said "No! Won't do it, can't make me!" Which just goes to show you how wrong I can be, intuition or no intuition. All of these things of course ended up being tons of fun, so thanks to those who pushed and dragged me into it. And you know who you are.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot to mention my Black Belt in Sarcasm. One of my most cherished skills in fact. So you've been fairly warned.

Thanks for stopping by, and talk at ya soon...

Best in all things, Patricia Troyer

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